We are part of the local Community

We believe in Social & Ecological Responsibility

Breathe Wild is not just another resort!

We have taken great care to design our facilities and activities from the ground up to benefit the local Mondulkiri residents as well as our guests.

Our pro-community projects include employment for the Bousra community, helping the local health clinic with medical equipment and supplies, and providing a trading post for local farmers to sell their produce of coffee and pepper.

At Breathe Wild, we protect the land and maintain its natural beauty by working closely with conservation experts and naturalists to comply with all environmental protection guidelines.

We are particularly proud of our work with local partners to reforest land which has been illegally logged and preserve indigenous plants and wildlife which have been disappearing from Cambodia at alarming rates.

 By staying with us you will have the chance to enjoy this breathtaking natural beauty and participate in its protection.

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