A world-class Eco-Resort & Organic Garden

Our estate in Mondulkiri,
northeast Cambodia.

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About Breathe Resorts

We Believe In Sustainable & Responsible Tourism

1. The Environment

We protect Mondulkiri’s natural treasures and support sustainable development in the region.

2. The Local People

Boosting responsible tourism which befinits locals and visitors in an equal exchange.

3. Amazing Experiences

Our guests are at the core of what we do, your memories with us will last a lifetime.

Pristine, Untouched Nature

We have 73 breathetaking hectares of land just 40 minutes from Mondulkiri’s province capital, Sen Monorom, and 6 hours from Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital city.

Bou Sra Waterfall, one of the Kingdom’s most popular natural wonders, is only a 1.4 km trek away.

At 750 m above sea level, the climate is cool and perfect for relaxing… and growing the best organic coffee in the region.

The People Behind the Dream

“We work with local partners to reforest land that has been logged illegally and preserve indigenous plants that are disappearing from Cambodia. Our guests will have a chance to enjoy this natural beauty and participate in protecting it”

—Davina Garnette
Project Leader

Take a moment and BREATHE.

Inhale wonder, beauty and peace — Exhale the stress and pressure of modern life.

Breathe. Breathe deeply.

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We continue to accept investment. If you are interested in joining us on this important and worthwhile journey, please contact us.

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